Since this is my first blog post I will explain why I started the blog and what it will be about. 

I’m a young writer and I’m currently working on my first manuscript. It’s important to make a name for myself so when I do finish my manuscript and publish I will already (hopefully) have a fan base. Writing in the modern age requires marketing and the best way to do that is by using technology and social media.

In the next little while I will be making a Facebook page, Tumblr, and Wattpad. When I make them I will post the links on this website under contact. 

In short my blog will be about my writing process and progress, some tips and tricks I’ve learnt and will share with you, and any updates about my book. There will also probably be other random posts that I will adding along the way. I will also be making book suggestions. 
In that note I will end my first post here. Thank you for reading! 

-Lalia LaRose


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