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progress-lies-not-in-enhancingAs a writer I feel pressured to make progress in my book everyday, and I’m sure other readers feel the same way. However, sometimes it’s hard to make that progress, especially when you’re spending your time writing a blog. As a writer it is difficult to convince yourself that what you are doing is a job, even though you don’t get paid (yet). You might have thoughts like, “I have so many things I should be doing”, or “I don’t have the time to write today.”

Life has a way of throwing a wrench into everything. For example: You sit at your computer and you write five thousand words. Congratulations! Then life throws that large, heavy, monkey wrench at you and your computer malfunctions before you can save your progress. You have that sinking feeling. You think about throwing your computer across the room, but then you opt to curl up in a ball and cry.

Living life means you have to expect those monkey wrenches and find ways to avoid them, or work with/around them. Sometimes we need these setbacks to make progress. Yes, I said-uh-wrote it. We need these shiny wrenches to hit us in the gut, before we can make true progress. These wrenches make us see things in prospective. Let’s return to our earlier example.

You finish crying, leaving a salty wet stain on the floor. You return to your computer and reboot it. Sure enough, you lost all five thousand words. You contemplate returning to your puddle, but you suck it up and start writing, again. When you finish your writing session you realize that what you just wrote was twenty times better than what you had before. Give yourself a pat on the back, you just overcame adversity.

When you are a writer, writing is like your therapy. Sometimes we forget that, especially if we haven’t written anything in a while. Any amount you write is progress, even if the writing may suck. Progress is not always about improving, sometimes it’s about taking those first steps towards your goal.

Beating adversity (preferably with a monkey wrench) is a form of progress. Writing complete garbage on a page is also progress. If you are doing something that is moving you further down the path towards your goal, that is progress. These are just my thoughts on the matter.

What do you think? Leave your answer in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,

Lalia LaRose


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