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The Last Queen of Terrivea

last queenHello Reader, this will be my first post about my book in-progress, The Last Queen of Terrivea. I am in the early stages of writing my first draft, which is currently at 20,000 words. It’s a fantasy book following my female main character Ophelia Durand. It’s currently written in third person limited point of view. As I progress through the novel I will be posting updates notifying followers what is happening in the story. I will (later on) be making posts about finding Beta-Readers, Critique Partners, and so on.

Novice writers (like myself) can follow me through the stages of crafting my novel, and hopefully learn from my expereinces. Experienced, even published, authors are welcome to comment and leave me helpful pointers to aid me on my journey. Everyone is welcome to comment, however I would prefer if spammers and trolls did not.

P.S- The book cover is self made and only temporary until a professional one is made.

Thank you for reading,

Lalia LaRose


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