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Writing: What You Like vs. What Readers Like

Should we write what we would like to read?

Should we write what we like to write?

Should we write what other readers like?

To this I answer yes and no.

When writing any story you need to keep all three of these concerns in mind. First thing you need is an idea and story you are invested in. You have to like your own story if you’re going to write it. However, this story is not just for you, it’s for readers. As a reader, would you like your story? This is also important when writing. If you don’t like it as a reader, then you might need to make some changes. Because if you don’t like, other readers won’t like it.

We all want readers to enjoy our work, but this should not have too much sway on what we write. Yes, we want to write it in a way that is entertaining. Yes, we want to write it with enough skill that it is easy to read. But don’t write it solely based on a trend or on what your friends want you to write.

Especially don’t write because of a trend! When I was writing as a teenager the world around me was captivated my the Twilight Saga. Vampires were in. I thought that perhaps that what I should write about, because it was popular and I was not. So I had the question: It is better to write something original or to try and follow a trend? I emailed my question to one of my favourite authors Libba Bray. When she wrote me back, this is what she basically said.

Trends come and go. Always write the story that you need to tell. 

This is what I want you all to remember. A story should be a piece of your heart and soul. It should burn inside of you like a bright flame. It’s something you have to write. It should be something that compels you to write until the wee hours of the morning. It should be something that keeps you awake at night playing inside your head. It has to be worth writing.

Thank you for reading,

-Lalia LaRose


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