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Write About What You Know and Research What You Don’t Know

As beginners we hear the phrase: "Write about what you know" a lot. And I mean a lot. But what does that even mean? Well, I'll tell you. It means that you need to know about something before you write about it. It's meant to deter beginners from writing something they know nothing about. Why?… Continue reading Write About What You Know and Research What You Don’t Know

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75,000 Words and the Climax

Hey guys and girls, This is just a quick update letting you all know that I've passed 75,000 words and I am starting to write the climax of The Last Queen of Terrivea. It is an exciting and nerve wracking part of the writing process. The climax is the most important part of the novel and… Continue reading 75,000 Words and the Climax

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65,000 Words and More Big News 

Hey guys and girls, As you've probably guessed I've reached 65,000 words in the first draft of The Last Queen of Terrivea. It was a productive long weekend and I hope I don't lose momentum. If things keep going like this I'll be done the first draft before the end of December!  Speaking of which, the… Continue reading 65,000 Words and More Big News 

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Winter Quarterly Goals 2016/2017

Hi Guys and Girls, Most of you probably already know what quarterly goals are, so I won't bother explaining. These are not SMART Goals, this is just a simple list of 15 things I want to achieve by Spring. My winter quarter is December, January, and February (naturally). My goals usually consist of personal To-Do's… Continue reading Winter Quarterly Goals 2016/2017

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Rachel Giesel: Real+Good Writing

Check out to see some of her helpful posts and worksheets.  Rachel Giesel as a fellow writer making her mark on the world. She has achieved awards at a young age and has a lot of workshop experience. She has combined all of this experience and wrapped it up in a bow for other writers.… Continue reading Rachel Giesel: Real+Good Writing