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First Draft Finished! 

Hey guys and girls,

I know it’s been nearly a month since you last heard from me. I’m not dead, I promise. So I’ll keep this short and sweet. I finished the first draft of The Last Queen of Terrivea and am now in the “cool down” period before revisions. 

I finished the first draft before Christmas holidays and I’m sorry for keeping you all in the dark. When I entered the cooling period I knew that I needed to avoid writing. Not just writing for the Terrivea series, but in general. I have a hard time revising and editing my own work. So I need to come back to it with fresh eyes. 

Also, I’ve been developing something huge and intricate. I’m not going to go into too much detail, but I’ll give everyone a general idea. I’m not only creating a fictional world (which the land of Terrivea is a part of), but also a writing universe of sorts. If you think of the Marvel Universe where every story is connected by the universe. It’s like that. For the foreseeable future all the books I have planned out are going to fall into this writing universe.

This has been something that has taken up a good chunk of my time. It has also been keeping me distracted from writing, but at the same time is productive towards my future writing. 

 Not sure when I’ll update next, since my cool down period doesn’t end until the beginning of February. I’ll try and do one or more update before then. I can’t do them regularly or else I will become too accustomed to my writing again and revisions will become difficult. 

Please be patient with me and thank you for reading! 

Lalia LaRose


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