Winter Quarterly Goals RESULTS!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the wait. It would seem that the Ides of March have brought with it some crazy times for me. As promised here are the results of my Winter Quarter. So lets jump right into it!

  1. Keep Writing! Finish The Last Queen of Terrivea! Achieved! Got first draft done!
  2. Keep up with my blog. Get at least 3 posts a week. Failed. But I will work on it!
  3. Do some art. Achieved! 
  4. Get more work days in (day job). Failed. 
  5. Stick with routine. Mostly achieved, except for blog. 
  6. Eat healthy. Achieved!
  7. Get active. Failed, but starting next week I will be starting! 
  8. Make budget. Achieved, now just have to follow it!
  9. See doctor. Failed. 
  10. Finish reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Failed, but so close. 
  11. Finish reading The Diviners. Failed. 
  12. Start reading Harry Potter. Failed. 
  13. Buy/Make Christmas presents for family. Achieved! 
  14. Work in writing notebook. Achieved! 
  15. Start the revision process for LQoT. Achieved! 

I achieved 7.5/15 of my quarterly goals. Meaning I achieved half of my goals, which is barely a pass in my books. All of my fails will be transferred to my Spring Quarterly Goals and hopefully I won’t fail them twice.

Thank you for reading,

Lalia LaRose 


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