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The capital of Ferx is located in the mountains of Bormons and is known to be a mighty fortress that towers over the peak of the mountain that it is built on. Here is the story of its creation: The fortress of Ferx was built with the aide of dragons. The first Lord of Bormons,… Continue reading Ferx

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Welcome to Terrivea

Welcome to Terrivea a country made up of five lands: Bormons, Sylvespa, Lamaust, Avortium, and Medirus. Astar is the capital of Terrivea. The royal palace and the portal both reside here. Bormons is known for being a mountainous region with nomadic people. The capital of Bormons is the fortress of Ferx. Sylvespa is a heavily forested region… Continue reading Welcome to Terrivea

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Using Pain and Pleasure to Keep Your Readers Engaged

There are two main types of emotions: positive and negative. Essentially pain and pleasure represent these two measures of emotion. In almost any art form pain and pleasure are used to emotionally speak to the audience. As writers we have to take our readers through an emotional journey through our storytelling. Any emotional experience includes… Continue reading Using Pain and Pleasure to Keep Your Readers Engaged