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Summer Quarterly Goals REVIEW

It’s been almost two weeks since September started and so it’s about time I get this done. I will be counting half marks for some of these since I did get a least half of the goal completed.

  1. Make a schedule. Completed, but fell apart after my grandma’s death. .5
  2. Go for check up. Failed. 0
  3. Read some books. I’ve start a couple of books, but haven’t finished them. 0
  4. Write some poetry. Failed. 0
  5. Finish second draft of novel. Sort of completed. 
  6. Prepare and post excerpt from novel. Completed. 1
  7. Make basic outline for future novels. Did not get to it. 0
  8. Write three blogs per week. Started strong then fell apart. .5
  9. Do some art. Completed! 1
  10. Research how to improve marketing. Completed. 1
  11. Improve marketing. Completed, for the most part. Just need consistency. .5
  12. Prep for LQoT rewrite. Half way. .5
  13. Budget for summer. Failed. 0
  14. Don’t over stress. Completed. 1
  15. Have some fun. Completed. 1

So here are the results: 7/15

I did not accomplish half or more than half the goals. I was just shy of halfway. It is what it is and I just need to try harder this next quarter.

Thanks for reading,

– Lalia LaRose


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