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Update and Catch Up

Hey everyone, as you can tell my 2 blogs a week goal isn’t going so well, so I’m going to be playing catch up. My blog post “Create Chapters, They Said. It’ll Be Fun. They Said” and this post will count for the 2 posts for the first week of October. Additionally I will be trying my hardest to write 5 more to make up for the month of September. 

Between the 7th and 14th of October I will be making a post a day to catch up for September and stay updated on the October posts. After the 14th (if I don’t miss a day) hopefully I will be returning to my 2 posts per week. 

Moving onto the update. I am close to finishing my outline. It will hopefully only take a few days of concentrated work to finish it. With my work schedule I am hoping by the end of October I will have the outline done and I can start the actually writing. 

As for my goals. I have a doctors appointment made so there will be one things crossed off my list soon. 

Forgive any grammatical errors or typos. I’ve been doing today’s posts on my phone. 

Thanks for reading, 

– Lalia LaRose 


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