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Autumn Quarterly Goals Review

  • Doctor visit (Complete)
  • 2 Blogs a week (Epic fail)
  • Make a budget (Fail)
  • Follow budget (Also fail)
  • Finish Outline (Complete)
  • Start rewrite (Complete)
  • Improve Marketing (Fail)
  • 1 Productive thing a day (Complete)
  • Allow time for fun (Complete)
  • Self care (Complete)
  • Art (Complete)
  • Pay of credit card (Fail)
  • Read 2 books (Fail)
  • Make bed everyday (Fail)
  • Enjoy holidays (Complete)

Completed: 8/15 

I just barely completed half of the goals this quarter, again. Some of the fails were not just on me, but were also a little out of my control as well. The budget goals and credit card goals could not be completed do to my position being cut. The provincial budget cuts resulted in a lot of people in my profession losing their jobs. I am going on the casual list and will hopefully get some work this month (fingers crossed).

Also, as a result of going for the doctor visit, finally, I went through some tests and have now been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). My Winter Quarterly Goals will be including some goals revolving around dealing with PCOS.

I will also be explaining what my plans are for blog posts coming up this quarter. Some of the failed goals will be transferred over to the winter quarters, other will not. I am hoping to post the winter goals either today or tomorrow.

When I created the autumn goals I planned on making the top ten goals priority goals and bottom five bonus goals. I am scrapping that idea going forward. It makes it too complicated and I have a hard time deciding what has more priority when it comes to all these goals. They all need equal attention, however I do plan on making a small change compared to earlier quarters.


Thanks for reading,

Lalia LaRose


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