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How Fan-fiction Can be a Useful Tool for Writers

When it comes to fan fiction there is a stigma. A lot of professional authors deter young writers from writing fanfiction and for good reason. It doesn’t teach you how to create your own world and your own characters (unless you insert original characters). However, I do believe that writing fan fiction can be useful for these reasons:

  1. It’s a pressure free way to practice writing.
  2. It gives writers a great community.
  3. It gives writer the opportunity to share their work.
  4. Comments/reviews can help writers grow.
  5. Writers are free to be their nerdy selves without judgement.

Fan fiction is a great creative outlet for writers, but it’s not perfect. I find that writing fan fiction can help get my creative juices flowing in a pressure free way. It works like a writing exercise before jumping into your usual writing session. has an amazing community and there are always words of praise and criticism to be given.

If you don’t write fan fiction and don’t want to, you obviously don’t have to give it a try. I am just trying to clear up the stigma against fanfiction.

P.S- I know this blog is late (even though I am cheating and marking it posted Sunday) and hopefully once I get some blog post pre-written I won’t run into that problem again!


Thanks for reading,

Lalia LaRose


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