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The Immense Task of World Building and How to Tackle It

This is the introductory to my World Building Blog Series.

When it comes to writing fantasy you need to be able to world build. Creating supernatural beings, magic, or a new world requires a lot of imagination and time. Creating a new world for a novel setting is an immense task that requires you to know a lot of information about your world child.

TIP 1: Focus mainly on the need to know. Figure out what aspects will be featured in your novel. If your character does not travel beyond country borders then you don’t need much information on the neighbouring countries.

TIP 2: Don’t skimp on information. You want to present the readers with enough basic information to immerse them in your fantasy world. Little details came make a huge difference. Showing the reader how the people of your world are educated (or not educated) can mean the difference between a 2-dimensional experience and 3 dimensional one.

There are ten basic things you need to know about your world and show your audience for it to come alive.

  • Setting
  • Society
  • Culture
  • Peoples and Customs (this refers to different groups of people you create)
  • Geography and Climate
  • Technology, Science, and Magic
  • Politics
  • Legal Systems
  • Military and Warfare
  • History

Of course, there is still a lot of information you need to fill in under these categories to fully flesh out your world. Think of this list as the bones of world building. Now you need to create the flesh. In my World Building Blog Series, I will be going into these categories in greater detail.

Thank you for reading,

Lalia LaRose


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