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The World Building Blog Series: SETTING

Hey everyone, here’s part two of my world building series!

The first things we need to consider when creating new fictional worlds are: the name of your world, the divisions and names of those divisions, along with subdivisions and their names. Depending on how involved the world is in your plot you can save yourself some time and effort. If your story takes place only in a particular kingdom you will only need to focus you attention on that one kingdom. However, you should know at least the names of other kingdoms, especially if they are being mentioned in dialogue.

If you are writing a series that will showcase the entirety of your fictional, well then you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. You will need to know everything you can about the world, continents, countries, kingdoms, and regions that are of significance to your series.

Let me us my fictional world as an example: The world is called Lakrymosa. My book The Last Queen of Terrivea is set in the continent of Terrivea and more specifically the country of Terrivea. (The history of Terrivea explains why both the continent and a country of the continent share the same name). My main character travels all over the country of Terrivea through the kingdoms of Bormons, Medirus, Sylvespa, Avortium, and Lamaust.

When considering the setting of your book within your fictional world there is a lot to think about and learn about your fictional world. You need to be able to look at your world in macro and micro views, just like how we see Earth. Macro being the world itself, the continents, and the countries. Micro would be looking at the cities, villages, landmarks, and people.

I find it helpful to make maps. Making a simple map of your world and its continents (maybe even including the countries) can help you look at it with a macro view. Making separate maps for each continent that looks at the countries, cities and regions will help you get a micro view of the setting. This, I believe, is the minimal amount of work needed in the journey of creating a new fictional world.


Thanks for reading,

– Lalia LaRose



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