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The World Building Blog Series: SOCIETY

Hi everyone! Here is part three of the World Building Blog Series all about the society/societies in your new world baby. This is extremely important to know since society plays a huge role in how people live their lives. It is the foundation in which your characters will base their lifestyle on.

When you think about society you should be thinking about these eight things:

Social classes– what do these social classes look like? Is everyone equal? Are there levels of class based on economic status? Or is it based on race? On profession? Birth place? What is your social class system based on?

Racial groups– what are the backgrounds of your racial groups? How are they seen and treated? Who are the minorities and majorities? What are their lives like? What are their social views? How do they fit into this world?

Gender norms– how are women and men treated? Are they treated differently or pretty much the same? Are there different opportunities for the different genders? Are there more than just male and female genders? How is gender viewed in your society? What roles do the different genders play?

Discrimination and prejudices– who are these discriminations and prejudices aimed at? Why? Is the society working hard to erase these discriminations and prejudices? Or is it fuelling them? Are there reasons why these discriminations and prejudice are alive? What’s causing them?

Sexual orientation– How is sexual orientation viewed? What common sexual orientations are seen? Which ones are accepted by society? Which ones are not? What is the ‘norm’ in your society when it comes to sexual orientation? How are people not fitting the norm treated and viewed? How do they live? What role does sexual orientation play in society?

Raising and treatment of children– how are children viewed? Are their any child based laws? What is typical upbringing of a child? How are they treated? Is there child labour? Are children seen as sacred or are they hidden away? Why are children treated the way they are? What is it like to be pregnant and/or have children in your society?

Education– what determines who gets an education or not (could be class, money, race, or anything that makes sense in your world)? What does the education look like in that society? What is commonly being taught and to whom? Are there schools or is education tutor based? What does it look like? What are the pros and cons? Are there multiple options for education or just a select few options?

Professions– what are common professions? Are there some professions considered better than others? What roles do these profession play in society? How does a person get a job? It is based on class or moral? Does race determine the profession? Does profession determine class? Does one profession affect their education or vice versa?

Those were the main topics you should look at when you are building a society or multiple societies in your new world. There are many other things you could address, but start here and work your way up if need be.


Thanks for reading,

Lalia LaRose



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