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Winter Quarterly Goals Review

Hey Everyone! It’s that time again. Time to reflect on the last quarter and confess my accomplishments and failures. Lets jump right into it.

  • Write 1 blog post per week. (Complete. Including Feb. catch up)
  • Read at least 1 book! (Fail. Started HP but didn’t finish it)
  • Polish the outline for The Last Queen of Terrivea. (Complete)
  • Continue the rewrite. (Complete)
  • Research marketing techniques. (Complete)
  • Improve marketing, especially on social media. (Mostly Complete)
  • Engage with target audience and writers on social media. (Mostly Complete)
  • Create a solid foundation for an author platform. (Complete)
  • See a OB-GYN about PCOS. (Inquired haven’t heard back. Fail)
  • Make some artwork. (Complete)
  • Get some work via casual list. (Complete. Got a half time position)
  • Nail characterization for LQoT. (Fail)
  • Create solid world building for LQoT. (No quite there yet)
  • Write some poetry. (Fail)
  • Create a list of blog post ideas and pre-write them. (Made a list and slowly adding to it. Complete.)

I have completed 10 out of the 15 goals! I have achieved the goal of completing at least ten goals this quarter. For the Spring Quarter I will be setting it up pretty much the same way. The last few weeks of February have been busy and so I am catching up on blog posts today. So expect 3 posts (2 of which are this one and then the Spring Quarterly Goals).

So that’s that.


Thank you for reading,

– Lalia LaRose



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