About Me

In Short: I am a YA and NA writer that dabbles in fantasy and romance. I’m a young proud Canadian and an avid reader. I have a two year writing diploma under my belt, and I’m hoping my next big accomplishment will be finishing my fantasy novel The Last Queen of Terrivea.

In Long: I was born and raised on the prairies of Canada, on a small farm. I went to small town schools and graduated before going to a small college in a small town to get my two year writing diploma.

I’ve been writing since my early teens and enjoy many hobbies. I mostly write young adult and new adult content in the fantasy and romance genre. I also write a little poetry when I am inspired. I tend to read in the genres that I write in as well. My new favourite book (at the moment) is Patrick Weekes, The Palace Job. If you like unique fantasy that tackles social issues, this is the book for you!

I enjoy wine and chocolate. Fall, Spring, and Summer are my favourite seasons, which leaves Winter as my least favourite (ironically winter weather lasts half the year in Canada). My favourite colour is blue, however I do like red and purple as well. I like tea and coffee equally, and I usually take it will lots of cream and sugar.

And as a final not: I am not married and I do not have children.

If you have any questions about me that you want answered, leave a comment or email me at lalialarose@outlook.com.

Thanks for reading,

-Lalia LaRose

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