The capital of Ferx is located in the mountains of Bormons and is known to be a mighty fortress that towers over the peak of the mountain that it is built on. Here is the story of its creation:

The fortress of Ferx was built with the aide of dragons. The first Lord of Bormons, Hareld Ferx, demanded a permanent abode, unlike the nomads of Bormons. He offered jewels and gold to those who would help him build his great home, but the nomadic people of Bormons did not rely on riches to live.

Enticed by the reward, three dragons came to Lord Hareld. Among them was the Iron Dragon. Hareld made a pact with the dragons and shortly after construction began. To build the great fortress he envisioned Lord Hareld would need to use the strongest steel.

The dragons used their own scales and infused them with steel that they created with dragon fire, thus Dragon Steel was created. Dragon Steel made walls so strong and so high that they towered over mountain peaks. It took Lord Herald and the dragons six years to complete the fortress of Ferx.

When the dragons demanded their payment the Lord of Bormons retreated into his fortress and refused to pay. The enraged dragons surrounded Ferx and bathed the fortress in dragon fire. The fortress forged by the dragons withstood the attack and the Lord was unharmed. One of the three dragons flew home and vowed never to help a human again.

The two dragons that remained scared away any who approached the great fortress. The Iron Dragon was known to eat many who wandered too close to Ferx. One day a beautiful woman approached the fortress and begged for them to let her pass, for the woman was with child and needed shelter. To the Iron Dragon’s disapproval, his young companion let the woman pass, but only if she swore to deliver Lord Ferx to them.

Agreeing to the terms, the woman was permitted entrance into the fortress. The two dragons waited many nights for the woman to keep her promise. Until one day the dragons heard a terrible cry and a babe was thrown from the fortress. The young dragon caught the infant and hid it from the Iron Dragon.

Only a few nights later the gates of Ferx opened. The woman pushed Lord Herald to the dragons. The young dragon left the Lord and took the mother, with her baby. They flew away leaving the lord at the mercy of the Iron Dragon. The dragon told Herald, “Give me all your riches and I will spare your life.” The shaking lord agreed and in the time of two nights he emptied his fortress of all his treasure. He presented his fortune to the Iron Dragon.

“I will take that which was promised to me ten years ago,” Said the Iron Dragon, “And pay you back with the same treachery you’ve shown me.”

The dragon’s jaws opened with a roar, before he ate Lord Hareld whole. The deceitful Lord met the fiery acid of the dragon’s stomach and melted into nothing. The Iron Dragon took his riches and retreated home, leaving Ferx empty.

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Lalia LaRose

Welcome to Terrivea


Welcome to Terrivea a country made up of five lands: Bormons, Sylvespa, Lamaust, Avortium, and Medirus.

Astar is the capital of Terrivea. The royal palace and the portal both reside here.

Bormons is known for being a mountainous region with nomadic people. The capital of Bormons is the fortress of Ferx.

Sylvespa is a heavily forested region where the villages are secluded. Aurbor is the capital of Sylvespa.

Lamaust is known for the swamps that cover over half the land, along with the stand-offish Tree People. The capital of the wetlands is Demros.

Avortium resides in the Great Desert of Nalia, where the Brotherhood of Solani is the hand of justice. Sabucas is the urban centre of this arid land.

Medirus is the centre of the country and is blanketed by fields. Castilla is the capital and is the heart of the military.

This is Terrivea the main setting for my book The Last Queen of Terrivea. I plan to upload posts with more details about the lands and capitals of Terrivea, along with the people who live there.

Thank you for reading,

– Lalia LaRose 

Book Update (including a life update)


Hey guys and girls, thought I should give you an update on how The Last Queen of Terrivea is coming alone. Still on the second draft, which entails writing in large chunks of story to fill in the plot points that I have added. The next step is to rearrange my current manuscript to reflect the changes I made to the plot. Once I’ve rearranged, filled in blanks, and make a list of my common mistakes to avoid, I will be moving onto the next step.

The rewrite. Probably going to be one the most daunting tasks thus far. Let me be clear, I’m not rewriting my manuscript because it’s unfixable or horrible. I am rewriting my manuscript because I know that I can make it even better that way. In the same amount of time that it would take to fix everything up (including all my boring/mediocre prose), I could rewrite it. The rewrite will also help teach myself how to avoid some of my most common mistakes while writing. Two birds one stone.

After the rewrite I plan to look through the novel, again, and find anything I missed, should add, or should change with the plot further. At this point I hope that there are only minimal plot changes and that my characters are on point. Then I can look at some smaller aspects that might need tweaking, like scenes and prose that need some life. Dialogue and descriptions will probably be on that list as well.

From there it’s redrafting and editing until the manuscript sings.

Now, for the life update.

I’ve been laid off of my day job. Due to budget cuts and union bumps, I will no longer hold my position at the end of June. It’s unfortunate, but life goes on. I will be looking for new positions and in the meanwhile I will be on the casual list. If I cannot find a new position I can remain on the casual list and focus on my novel in the meantime.

Thanks for reading,

-Lalia LaRose

The Last Queen of Terrivea (sneak peek)


Please keep in mind I am still working on my second draft, so this sneak peek is a glimpse into the rough first draft of my novel. 

“I should get ready to return home,” Ophelia smiled at Saxon, “I had a wonderful evening, thank you.”

“I’ll walk you to where you need to go,” he offered.

“Okay,” Lia nodded.

They walked to Sarah’s room and stopped to ask a maid to tell Sarah that she was getting ready to leave. When they arrived at Sarah’s door, Saxon lifted Ophelia’s hand and gave it a soft kiss.

“Have a safe journey home,” he smiled, “I hope to see you again soon.”

“Same to you,” she felt her cheeks heat up.

He tucked a loose lock of hair behind her ear, before she turned and entered her cousin’s bedroom. She went to the changing screen and stuffed her clothes into her large purse. She had just closed her bag, when she heard a loud thud. She turned and walked to the door with her purse in a tight grasp. She opened it to see that Saxon had a man pinned against the wall with a hunting knife against the man’s throat.

“What are you doing?” Ophelia’s body stiffened.

Saxon looked at her with a steely glare, but as soon as their eyes met his gaze softened, “Don’t-”


Ophelia looked passed Saxon and the man to see Sarah standing in the hallway. Lia then looked at the man and realized that he was the King, her uncle. However, he didn’t look shocked or scared. He held a cold stare at Saxon, before he turned his blue eyes towards Ophelia. His eyes narrowed on her, which caused a cold shiver to climb up her spine. He looked back at Saxon.

“So you’re here to assassinate me boy?”

“That’s right,” Saxon sneered.

I hoped you enjoyed! Sorry for being late for Monday’s post, but here it is! 

Thanks for reading,

-Lalia LaRose


Life/Book Update


Hey there everyone!

So I finally made myself a schedule! Woohoo! So this post will be updating you all on what to expect in the future now.

So I will be posting regular blog posts here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

I will also be starting up  Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. On those accounts I will be posting special content like: Concept Art previews on Mondays, Life/Book Updates on Wednesdays, and Exciting Book Snippets on Fridays. There will also be just everyday content on as well.

Also, I wanted you all to know that you can find me on Tumblr and Pinterest. All of my social media will be under the name Lalia LaRose, so you can always find me under that name. I will be posting the URLs under about me and my contact page.

Thanks for reading,

Lalia LaRose

Summer Quarterly Goals


Hey there, to accompany the results of my spring quarter I am posting my goals for the summer (June, July, and August). There will be a lot of repeats from the spring quarter.

  2. Go for check up.
  3. Read some books.
  4. Write some poetry.
  5. Finish second draft of The Last Queen of Terrivea.
  6. Prepare and Post excerpt of LQoT.
  7. Make basic outlines for future novels.
  8. Write 3 blogs per week.
  9. Do some art.
  10. Research how to improve marketing.
  11. Improve marketing.
  12. Prep for LQoT rewrite.
  13. Budget for summer.
  14. Don’t over stress.
  15. Have some fun while you’re at it.

Numbers 14 and 15 seem like cop-outs, but these are things I need to remind myself of often. I easily can get stressed out and overwhelmed, it’s just how I am, so 14 and 15 are very important reminders for myself. I am hoping to complete at least half of these goals by the end of summer.

Thanks for reading,

Lalia LaRose 


Spring Quarterly Goals Results!


Hey there, the spring quarter has ended and so as promised, here are the results of my quarterly goals. Fair warning though, it won’t be pretty. I did not get many of my goals completed due to a tragic loss in my family. For those who don’t know, I lost my sister to suicide in April.

  1. Write at least 3 blogs a week. FAIL
  2. Get active. FAIL 
  3. See doctor for check-up. FAIL
  4. Stick with budget. FAIL
  5. Finishing reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. FAIL
  6. Start reading Harry Potter. FAIL
  7. Finish second draft of The Last Queen of Terrivea. FAIL
  8. Prepare and post an excerpt of LQoT. FAIL
  9. Do some poetry. COMPLETE
  10. Have at least basic outlines for future novels. FAIL
  11. Find summer job. FAIL, but because I don’t need one. 
  12. Reduce expenses. COMPLETE 
  13. Work harder in marketing. FAIL
  14. Take some skillshare courses. COMPLETE
  15. Make a schedule. FAIL

And so there you have it. I obviously failed this quarter’s goals. 3/15 were complete. Probably the worse I’ve done in a long time. I can’t place all the blame on the events of the spring. I do take responsibility for not motivating myself to do some of these tasks. The majority of this list will be transferred to my Summer Quarterly Goals as an attempt at a Re-Do. I’m not proud of myself for the lack of accomplishments, but I’m also not going to beat myself up about it either. I went through hell this quarter and there’s no way I’d expect anyone to accomplish so much if they went through what I had to.

I just hope that the FAILs don’t become a trend among my goals in the future.

Thanks for reading,

Lalia LaRose