Winter Quarterly Goals

  1. Write 1 blog post per week. (Every Sunday)
  2. Read at least 1 book!
  3. Polish the outline for The Last Queen of Terrivea.
  4. Continue the rewrite.
  5. Research marketing techniques.
  6. Improve marketing, especially on social media.
  7. Engage with target audience and writers on social media.
  8. Create a solid foundation for an author platform.
  9. See a OB-GYN about PCOS.
  10. Make some artwork.
  11. Get some work via casual list. (At least 2-3 times a week.)
  12. Nail characterization for LQoT.
  13. Create solid world building for LQoT.
  14. Write some poetry.
  15. Create a list of blog post ideas and pre-write them.

For this quarter (and hopefully going into the future) I want to complete ten of the fifteen goals. Also, as you can see, I have reduced my blog post count per week. This way I can hopefully stay consistent and on track. This all is a part of improving my marketing so I can grow a genuine fan base for my author platform.


Thank you for reading!

Lalia LaRose




Autumn Quarterly Goals Review

  • Doctor visit (Complete)
  • 2 Blogs a week (Epic fail)
  • Make a budget (Fail)
  • Follow budget (Also fail)
  • Finish Outline (Complete)
  • Start rewrite (Complete)
  • Improve Marketing (Fail)
  • 1 Productive thing a day (Complete)
  • Allow time for fun (Complete)
  • Self care (Complete)
  • Art (Complete)
  • Pay of credit card (Fail)
  • Read 2 books (Fail)
  • Make bed everyday (Fail)
  • Enjoy holidays (Complete)

Completed: 8/15 

I just barely completed half of the goals this quarter, again. Some of the fails were not just on me, but were also a little out of my control as well. The budget goals and credit card goals could not be completed do to my position being cut. The provincial budget cuts resulted in a lot of people in my profession losing their jobs. I am going on the casual list and will hopefully get some work this month (fingers crossed).

Also, as a result of going for the doctor visit, finally, I went through some tests and have now been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). My Winter Quarterly Goals will be including some goals revolving around dealing with PCOS.

I will also be explaining what my plans are for blog posts coming up this quarter. Some of the failed goals will be transferred over to the winter quarters, other will not. I am hoping to post the winter goals either today or tomorrow.

When I created the autumn goals I planned on making the top ten goals priority goals and bottom five bonus goals. I am scrapping that idea going forward. It makes it too complicated and I have a hard time deciding what has more priority when it comes to all these goals. They all need equal attention, however I do plan on making a small change compared to earlier quarters.


Thanks for reading,

Lalia LaRose

Update and Catch Up


Hey everyone, as you can tell my 2 blogs a week goal isn’t going so well, so I’m going to be playing catch up. My blog post “Create Chapters, They Said. It’ll Be Fun. They Said” and this post will count for the 2 posts for the first week of October. Additionally I will be trying my hardest to write 5 more to make up for the month of September. 

Between the 7th and 14th of October I will be making a post a day to catch up for September and stay updated on the October posts. After the 14th (if I don’t miss a day) hopefully I will be returning to my 2 posts per week. 

Moving onto the update. I am close to finishing my outline. It will hopefully only take a few days of concentrated work to finish it. With my work schedule I am hoping by the end of October I will have the outline done and I can start the actually writing. 

As for my goals. I have a doctors appointment made so there will be one things crossed off my list soon. 

Forgive any grammatical errors or typos. I’ve been doing today’s posts on my phone. 

Thanks for reading, 

– Lalia LaRose 

Autumn Quarterly Goals


Hey everyone, so this quarter is going to be a bit different. I’ve decided to try something knew when it comes to my list of goals. I’m going to make a list of 10 main goals I want to achieve 100%. Then I will also have a bonus list of 5 side goals that won’t be a main focus, but can still get done.

Main Goals:

  1. Get a check up!
  2. Write 2 blogs a week.
  3. Make a budget.
  4. Follow the budget.
  5. Finish in-depth LQoT outline.
  6. Start rewrite.
  7. Improve marketing. (ask for help if need be)
  8. Do at least 1 productive thing a day.
  9. Allow time for fun.
  10. Above all else, self-care.

Bonus Goals:

  1. Keep making art.
  2. Pay off my credit.
  3. Read at least 2 books.
  4. Try to make bed everyday.
  5. Enjoy the holidays.

This time around I have added in more general life goals that I want to carry through not only this quarter but for life. Number 5 on my bonus list is not an easy goal, no matter how it seems. Since losing my sister in April my family and I are going through a lot of first’s without her. This will be our first Thanksgiving without her.

Sorry for the delay and thank you for reading,

Lalia LaRose

Summer Quarterly Goals REVIEW


It’s been almost two weeks since September started and so it’s about time I get this done. I will be counting half marks for some of these since I did get a least half of the goal completed.

  1. Make a schedule. Completed, but fell apart after my grandma’s death. .5
  2. Go for check up. Failed. 0
  3. Read some books. I’ve start a couple of books, but haven’t finished them. 0
  4. Write some poetry. Failed. 0
  5. Finish second draft of novel. Sort of completed. 
  6. Prepare and post excerpt from novel. Completed. 1
  7. Make basic outline for future novels. Did not get to it. 0
  8. Write three blogs per week. Started strong then fell apart. .5
  9. Do some art. Completed! 1
  10. Research how to improve marketing. Completed. 1
  11. Improve marketing. Completed, for the most part. Just need consistency. .5
  12. Prep for LQoT rewrite. Half way. .5
  13. Budget for summer. Failed. 0
  14. Don’t over stress. Completed. 1
  15. Have some fun. Completed. 1

So here are the results: 7/15

I did not accomplish half or more than half the goals. I was just shy of halfway. It is what it is and I just need to try harder this next quarter.

Thanks for reading,

– Lalia LaRose



The capital of Ferx is located in the mountains of Bormons and is known to be a mighty fortress that towers over the peak of the mountain that it is built on. Here is the story of its creation:

The fortress of Ferx was built with the aide of dragons. The first Lord of Bormons, Hareld Ferx, demanded a permanent abode, unlike the nomads of Bormons. He offered jewels and gold to those who would help him build his great home, but the nomadic people of Bormons did not rely on riches to live.

Enticed by the reward, three dragons came to Lord Hareld. Among them was the Iron Dragon. Hareld made a pact with the dragons and shortly after construction began. To build the great fortress he envisioned Lord Hareld would need to use the strongest steel.

The dragons used their own scales and infused them with steel that they created with dragon fire, thus Dragon Steel was created. Dragon Steel made walls so strong and so high that they towered over mountain peaks. It took Lord Herald and the dragons six years to complete the fortress of Ferx.

When the dragons demanded their payment the Lord of Bormons retreated into his fortress and refused to pay. The enraged dragons surrounded Ferx and bathed the fortress in dragon fire. The fortress forged by the dragons withstood the attack and the Lord was unharmed. One of the three dragons flew home and vowed never to help a human again.

The two dragons that remained scared away any who approached the great fortress. The Iron Dragon was known to eat many who wandered too close to Ferx. One day a beautiful woman approached the fortress and begged for them to let her pass, for the woman was with child and needed shelter. To the Iron Dragon’s disapproval, his young companion let the woman pass, but only if she swore to deliver Lord Ferx to them.

Agreeing to the terms, the woman was permitted entrance into the fortress. The two dragons waited many nights for the woman to keep her promise. Until one day the dragons heard a terrible cry and a babe was thrown from the fortress. The young dragon caught the infant and hid it from the Iron Dragon.

Only a few nights later the gates of Ferx opened. The woman pushed Lord Herald to the dragons. The young dragon left the Lord and took the mother, with her baby. They flew away leaving the lord at the mercy of the Iron Dragon. The dragon told Herald, “Give me all your riches and I will spare your life.” The shaking lord agreed and in the time of two nights he emptied his fortress of all his treasure. He presented his fortune to the Iron Dragon.

“I will take that which was promised to me ten years ago,” Said the Iron Dragon, “And pay you back with the same treachery you’ve shown me.”

The dragon’s jaws opened with a roar, before he ate Lord Hareld whole. The deceitful Lord met the fiery acid of the dragon’s stomach and melted into nothing. The Iron Dragon took his riches and retreated home, leaving Ferx empty.

Thank you for reading,

Lalia LaRose

Welcome to Terrivea


Welcome to Terrivea a country made up of five lands: Bormons, Sylvespa, Lamaust, Avortium, and Medirus.

Astar is the capital of Terrivea. The royal palace and the portal both reside here.

Bormons is known for being a mountainous region with nomadic people. The capital of Bormons is the fortress of Ferx.

Sylvespa is a heavily forested region where the villages are secluded. Aurbor is the capital of Sylvespa.

Lamaust is known for the swamps that cover over half the land, along with the stand-offish Tree People. The capital of the wetlands is Demros.

Avortium resides in the Great Desert of Nalia, where the Brotherhood of Solani is the hand of justice. Sabucas is the urban centre of this arid land.

Medirus is the centre of the country and is blanketed by fields. Castilla is the capital and is the heart of the military.

This is Terrivea the main setting for my book The Last Queen of Terrivea. I plan to upload posts with more details about the lands and capitals of Terrivea, along with the people who live there.

Thank you for reading,

– Lalia LaRose